Soul - Dance - Jazz

In March 2005 the following comments were taken from a feedback questionaire:

Suzette is a brilliant teacher - very inspirational and supportive - and she is a lovely dancer - a joy to watch.

The most perfect therapy for physical and mental health.

Excellent teaching style, good people, etc.

Of all the dance classes I've done, in all the various cities I've been in, this one is absolutely the best.

When I do this class regularly I cope better with all other aspects of my life and I notice a good improvement in my fitness even though class is only once a week. If I could do this class more often I would. Excellent tuition and a lovely venue too.

This is the best dance class in London!

It's the best dance class I've been to.

Quality tuition and an interesting mix of students.

Great place, great vibe, thanx.