Soul - Dance - Jazz

Class is Sunday morning 10.30-12.00. It runs every Sunday, except for national holidays. It is at Harringay Club, Crouch End, London. See the venue page for full address and contact details.

The class is divided into three sections; warm-up; stretching and floor work; dance moves and a routine. It is an intermediate 'drop in' class combining Jazz, African, Cuban, Contemporary and Ballet styles, working towards individual expression, strength, balance and co-ordination. The classes are for adults.

The class is named Soul Jazz because it uses music from a wide range of genres including Soul, Jazz, Funk, R&B and Hip-hop. The routines aim to reflect the emotions of the music.

The warm up begins with simple movements to mobilize joints whilst using core muscles to stabilize the back. It progresses through Tendu, Adagio and Plie, Battement, Pirouettes, hip rolls and upper chest isolations. Each week the warm up is repeated. This enables you to get really familiar with the moves and to work on a very deep level.

The stretching begins with floor work to develop strength in the abdominal muscles and the deep pelvic floor muscles, often known as core muscles. It also includes leg, arm and back stretches and finishes with a relaxation time, when you can enjoy your own stretches.

Each week a new section of the routine is presented. This begins with eight or sixteen beat sections which are practiced along the length of the room. Once a few phrases are accomplished the class then comes to the centre for the routine. If you have been coming regularly you can do the full routine or you can choose to do just that days section. There are always two groups so that this choice can be made.

The class is uncompetitive, friendly, enjoyable and fun. See Feedback Page for confirmation of this!